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Issue 15 – Spring/Summer 2016

Structo issue 15 features 11 short stories, 17 poems, a look at cover design & an interview with the ex-poet laureate of North Korea Jang Jin-sung.

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Issue 16 submissions now open


For issue 15 we asked submitting authors and poets to include proof they had recently supported a literary magazine. The outcome was more wonderful than we had any right to expect: an engaged bunch of writers sending in some of the strongest writing we’ve ever received.

As editor, I was torn about doing the same thing again. On the one hand we don’t want to put arbitrary barriers in-between potential contributors and the magazine, but on the other it did make the process fun again; the response from writers and others was heartening, it was great to see the magazines people are reading, and we received hardly any scattershot submissions, which made the job of reading more enjoyable for our team.

And so for issue 16, alongside submissions of short stories and poetry, we are also asking for a photo of a literary magazine (any literary magazine) bought recently. Here’s some inspiration from last time.

There’s an FAQ from the issue 15 call here. Do let us know if you have any other questions or comments, as we’re still figuring this out too, and head here to send us in your work. Our deadline this time is April 5th.

— Euan

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Vaguely literary things we’ve been enjoying

Freeman’s issue 1

“A new literary magazine from ex-Granta editor John Freeman, containing new work from (amongst others) Haruki Murakami, Lydia Davis, Louise Erdrich, Dave Eggers. It’s an unpretentious, vibrant joy from start to finish. Seek it out.” — Euan

Between the Woods and the Water

between-the-woods-and-the-water“Just now I’m walking across Europe. It’s the 1930s and I’m in Hungary, in the company of Patrick Leigh Fermor.

“At 18, and after being expelled from school, he decided—as you do—to walk from The Netherlands to Istanbul. Between the Woods and the Water is the second volume in the trilogy begun in A Time of Gifts and concluded in The Broken Road (the latter with the collaboration of Colin Thubron and Artemis Cooper, who completed the book after Leigh Fermor’s death).

“This is wonderfully vivid writing; and he’s describing a continent on the brink of enormous upheaval and permanent change, so it’s of real historical and social interest too. He has a great gift for bringing a description to life and, with recourse to the notebooks he kept on the journey, he animates the text with conversations he had with some of the extraordinary people he met along the way.

“Highly recommended!”

— Elaine

Poetry magazine

3-2012-Cover-sm“I usually love the translation issues of Poetry magazine, but the March 2012 issue really knocked my socks off. It has some great versions of Gottfried Benn translated by Michael Hofman, an excellent feature on Marina Tsvetaeva, and Geofrrey Brock’s ‘Alteration Finds,’ an experimental translation of three authors writing in three languages. That latter is a strong contender for my favorite poem. I read and reread the issue like a favorite book and can’t recommend it enough. You can buy back copies and the content is free online.” — Matthew

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