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Issue 15 – Spring/Summer 2016

Structo issue 15 features 11 short stories, 17 poems, a look at cover design & an interview with the ex-poet laureate of North Korea Jang Jin-sung.

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Reviewers wanted!


We’re looking for reviewers to join our team!

If you love indie presses, works in translation, poetry or short stories, we’d love to hear from you.

Let us know what you enjoy reading and, if you can, provide samples of previous reviews. We’re seeking professional non-biased reviews, but that doesn’t mean they have to be stale. Feel free to send video reviews, audio clips, and other forms conducive to use on the web. Peruse our blog for an idea of the types of books we’ve reviewed in the past.

Email nat@structomagazine.co.uk for more information.

This project-based position isn’t a paid one, but your reviews will be published on our ever-blossoming website. Also, you get to keep the books. Who doesn’t like free books?

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Vaguely literary things we’ve been enjoying

Firewords Issue 6

Firewords - 2016-05It’s always a pleasure when Firewords pops up in my letterbox. Even the envelope is pretty! I was pretty excited to see that Krishan Coupland has a story in there – he’s the Editor of the very excellent Neon which, if you haven’t checked it out, you should. Firewords is a great mag, always interesting stories and beautifully illustrated throughout – in colour! This issue is all about Secrets. I’d tell you more about the stories but, obvs, it’s a secret…

Vinyl album covers


One vaguely literary thing I have been enjoying recently is… music. But in particular: vinyl album covers.

Before I went to university twelve years ago, I took all the CDs I have ever owned out of their cases (leaving the booklets in the case behind, neatly packed in a box). I put the loose CDs in a carry case which has been with me ever since: when I moved to London with friends, when I rented my one-bed flat, when I finally bought somewhere of my own. Then my parents threw out the box with all the CD cases in. Not that it mattered, now most of my music is on my phone or my computer. I barely use the physical CDs any more.

Then, a few months ago, I began to realise that the way in which I consumed music had changed. I listen to songs or, worse, snippets of songs, on my phone. Skipping through tunes before they finish or, in some cases, have even reached the chorus. And so I decided to buy a turntable and a few classic albums on vinyl. There is a process you go through with an LP. First you take it out of its sleeve and place it on the turntable, then put the needle on the spinning disc, and then—and this is most important—you have to sit and listen to the whole side. It’s difficult to skip forward or choose a track; you have to listen to the whole thing. During this process of re-discovery, white I sat there holding the physical album sleeve, I rediscovered the poetry of lyrics. I know that you can Google or Shazam your way to any song with a broken lyric stolen from some nightclub memory clouded by vodka-Redbull and Jagermeister, but how often do you get to sit down and read all the lyrics to all the songs from an entire album? On The Beatles LP, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, the lyrics to every song on the album are printed on the back. And they’re just wonderful.

— Keir

Freeman’s issue 1

“A new literary magazine from ex-Granta editor John Freeman, containing new work from (amongst others) Haruki Murakami, Lydia Davis, Louise Erdrich, Dave Eggers. It’s an unpretentious, vibrant joy from start to finish. Seek it out.” — Euan

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