Best British Short Stories 2015A few months ago we were delighted to learn that Uschi Gatward’s issue 12 story ‘The Clinic’ had been selected for the 2015 edition of Best British Short Stories.

We’re even more delighted to report that the book is now available

The Best British Short Stories anthology series, edited by Nicholas Royle since its inception in 2011, has quickly become a must-buy for lovers of the short story in the UK, and this latest edition looks set to continue that trend, including as it does stories by both new and established British authors such as Hilary Mantel, Jenn Ashworth, Helen Simpson, Charles Wilkinson, Rebecca Swirsky, Matthew Sperling, Julianne Pachico, Katherine Orr, Bee Lewis, Emma Cleary and Neil Campbell. 

We asked Nicholas Royle about the line-up. Here’s what he had to say: “Every year when the Baileys Prize shortlist is announced, I notice it features a preponderance of women. The same is true of this year’s Best British Short Stories – 14 of the 20 writers featured are women. This wasn’t the result of a deliberate strategy. Nevertheless, I was, for some reason, pleased to see it.”

Full details here. Now if you’ll excuse us, we have a book to read.