We have interviewed some fascinating people over the years. This is our archive, arranged alphabetically by interviewee surname.

Full interviews appear here three months after first appearing in the magazine.

Richard Adams
Author of Watership Down, The Plague Dogs

Margaret Atwood
Author of The Handmaid’s Tale, Oryx and Crake

Iain Banks
Author of The Wasp Factory, Consider Phlebas

Vera Chok
Actor and writer

David Constantine
Poet, translator, author, editor…

Lindsey Davis
Author of The Silver Pigs, Nemesis

Stella Duffy
Playwright and author of Theodora, The Room of Lost Things

Steven Hall
Author of The Raw Shark Texts

Daniel Handler
Author of The Basic Eight, All the Dirty Parts, A Series of Unfortunate Events (as Lemony Snicket)…

David Gaffney
Author of Aromabingo, Sawn-off Tales

Jang Jin-sung
North Korean poet and activist

Ursula K. Le Guin
Author of A Wizard of Earthsea, The Dispossessed, Lavinia

Zaffar Kunial

Ken Liu
Author and translator

Inez Lynn & Aimée Heuzenroeder
The Librarian & the Public Relations Manager of the London Library

Ian R. MacLeod
Author of The Light Ages, Song of Time

Chris Meade
Co-director of The Institute for the Future of the Book

Tivon Rice
Artist and educator

Kim Stanley Robinson
Author of the Mars trilogy, 2312

Oscar Schwartz
Writer and researcher

Author of The Blue Fox, From the Mouth of the Whale

Sarah Thomas
Bodley’s Librarian

Katie Waldegrave
Co-founder of the literacy charity First Story

Evie Wyld
Author of After the Fire, A Still Small VoiceAll the Birds, Singing