5206847911_04e5fb873c_zWe are seeking an online editor. We are now closed to applications—thanks all!

Last year’s redesign brought with it the potential to take structomagazine.co.uk in exciting directions. We want to showcase our contributors’ continued success, share content that excites us, and build a platform that keeps readers coming back. Trouble is, we’re all too busy with the print magazine to do the thing justice.

This is where you come in.

Do you have ideas about how can we make the site better for our readers? About the best way to share the success of our contributors? Is there a vaguely literary blog series that you have been dying to write or commission?

If so, drop us an email by the middle of February. Let us know a little about yourself, and your ideas. If Structo is new to you, take a look around the site and at our back issues, to get a feel for the kind of team you’d be joining. The editorial in each issue might be a good place to start. Feel free to ask questions. 

This is an advert for an online editor, not a webmaster; you would be responsible for content, not coding. That said, the site is built on WordPress, so previous experience using the system would be an advantage. You don’t have to be based anywhere specific, but if you’re in or near the UK, then you can join a bunch of us for launches/meetings/drinks every now and again. This position—as with all staff positions at Structo—is currently non-paying. When the day comes that we are able to give our contributors fair recompense for their work, we hope this will change. 

Photo (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) by Richard Alexander Caraballo