2015-september-12-indexIn this, the final week of our current submission window, we are asking the editors of some of our favourite literary magazines to recommend some of their favourites in turn. First up: Popshot‘s Jacob Denno.

The White Review is a quarterly magazine that’s published in print and online — featuring poetry, fiction, interviews, art and reportage. The design is timeless and everything about the magazine oozes class, from its content, to its bespoke typeface, all the way through to its editors: Jacques Testard and Benjamin Eastham. With support from its readers and potential readers, the magazine could comfortably go on to become as reputable as The Paris Review or Granta.

Funhouse isn’t a magazine that I’ve read (largely because it isn’t actually out yet) but it launches this autumn and looks like a beauty. Neatly designed with a strong visual arts slant, Funhouse dubs itself ‘a magazine of writing, comics and illustrations’. Since Popshot launched back in 2009, there have been quite a few titles that have combined new writing with illustration — some of which are still going, some of which aren’t — but I hope this one gets off to a flying start.

Bare Fiction shares a few of the same contributors as Popshot, so it has a taste level that isn’t too dissimilar. Despite being relatively fresh to the literary magazine scene — having launched in December 2013 thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign — it’s managed to build up a pretty strong following in a fairly short space of time. They’ve also recently launched a debut poetry collection from one of our most published writers, Zelda Chappel, which will be undoubtedly brilliant.”

If you’re interested in Popshot (and you should be), this is good timing, as they have recently re-published their latest edition in supplement format. It’s around half the usual issue price, but limited to 200 issues, so pick one up before they’re all gone!