Lara Moreno, translated by Katie Whittemore

An intimate and unflinching novel, Wolfskin tells the story of two women, sisters, as they face up to the facts of their lives and the black holes of their past. A timely and timeless look at questions of family, power and sexuality from one of Spain’s most outstanding writers.

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The Way Out - Cover

The Way Out

Vicki Jarrett

A girl on a paper round gets more than she bargained for. A couple feels the strain when the money runs out. Life plays out in the call centre, the bingo hall and at the bus stop. Vicki Jarrett’s debut story collection is a deftly observed insight into the lives of people just trying to get by.

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El Llano in flames

Juan Rulfo, translated by Stephen Beechinor

This new translation by Stephen Beechinor brings Juan Rulfo’s remarkable stories to English-language readers beyond North America for the first time since the stories were first published in Spanish in 1953.

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