Observed Reader- CC- Julian OrtizUPDATE on March 23: A huge thank you to everyone who expressed interest! We are no longer accepting applications. We will be getting back to all candidates this week. Thanks again!

Not of our latest web updates or our new spring haircuts. Of books. Pristine reviewers’ copies that could use a side of coffee—or tea or boysenberry juice—and a critical pair of eyes.

Email your interest to me, christine@structomagazine.co.uk. I’m new around here, so introduce yourself. Provide samples of previous reviews and a sense of what you enjoy reading. We’re seeking professional nonbiased reviews, but that doesn’t mean they have to be stale. Feel free to send video reviews, audio clips, and other forms conducive to use on the web. Peruse our blog for an idea of the types of books we’ve reviewed in the past.

This project-based position doesn’t currently come with monetary compensation, but your reviews will be published on our ever-blossoming website. Also, you get to keep the books. Who doesn’t like free books?


Photo (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) by Julian Ortiz.