The magazine

Structo is a literary magazine. It was founded in 2008, and is primarily UK-based, although some of us on the staff live in the Netherlands, the United States, and elsewhere in Europe.

Twice a year we produce a print issue containing remarkable new short stories and poetry from all around the world, alongside essays and interviews with authors and others. Three months later the issue goes online, free to read by all.

We publish writing we love, whether from established writers or new voices. On the fiction side we tend towards the slipstream end of things, and encourage submission of works in translation.

Structo is completely independent, not-for-profit and carries no advertising. Each member of the team volunteers their time. We receive no grant funding, and instead rely entirely on sales, subscriptions and your donations to publish the magazine.

The team

Will Burns – editorial team
Matthew Landrum – contributing editor
Adam Ley-Lange – editorial team
Ahmad Makia – editorial team
Elaine Monaghan – copy editor
Euan Monaghan – editor/designer
Nat Newman – online editor
Mary Pipikakis – editorial team
Sarah Revivis Smith – editorial team
Valentina Terrinoni – editorial team
Lydia Unsworth – editorial team