Back issues

Issue 16 features 94 pages of outstanding fiction and and poetry, alongside photography by Minoru Karamatsu and an interview with the author Minae Mizumura. Read more

Structo issue 15 features 11 short stories, 17 poems, a feature on cover design and an interview with the ex-poet laureate of North Korea Jang Jin-sung. Read more

Structo issue 14 features 14 short stories, 14 poems, and two interviews—with authors David Gaffney and Ursula K. Le Guin. Read more

Structo issue 13 features eight short stories, 14 poems, a piece of creative non-fiction, and two interviews—one a conversation with the Icelandic novelist Sjón and the second a dialogue between Faber New Poets Zaffar Kunial and Will Burns. Read more

Structo issue 12 features 10 short stories, 14 poems, an instructional score, an essay about the life and death of Jean Rhys and a 20-page interview with Margaret Atwood. Read more

Issue 11 features 11 short stories, 12 poems, two essay features, and an interview with the co-founder of First Story Katie Waldegrave. Read more
Our tenth issue features ten short stories and ten poems. It also features two interviews (author Evie Wyld and poet/translator/author/editor David Constantine) and an essay about book addiction in the family. Read more
This issue features 13 short stories, 21 poems, two interviews (writer Stella Duffy and Bodley’s Librarian Sarah Thomas) and an essay promoting caffeine addiction. Or something like that. Read more
This issue features 12 short stories, 14 poems (two in translation), three interviews (authors Kim Stanley Robinson and Steven Hall, and the co-director of The Institute for the Future of the Book, Chris Meade) and an essay about writers getting confused about just who the hell they are. Read more
This issue features 14 short stories, five poems, an essay about the pleasures (and otherwise) of lounging about in bed and an interview with the people behind the wonderful world of The London Library. Read more
This issue features six short stories, 16 poems, a brand new column and a wide-ranging interview with Richard Adams (Watership Down, The Plague Dogs). Read more
This issue features 13 short stories, seven poems, two classic essays by Samuel Johnson and an in-depth interview with Iain M. Banks (The Wasp Factory, Consider Phlebas). Read more
This issue features nine short stories, eleven poems, two essays by William Davenport Adams, and an interview with author Lindsey Davis (The Silver Pigs, Nemesis). Read more
This issue features seven short stories, an essay by someone who doesn’t go by the name of George Orwell, and one essay by someone who did. Read more
This issue features seven short stories, four poems and a classic essay on realism by Robert Louis Stevenson. Read more
This issue features six short stories, two poems and an interview with Ian R. MacLeod (The Light Ages, Song of Time). Read more