Issue 11 features 11 short stories, 12 (or 16, depending on how you count) poems, two essay features, and an interview with the co-founder of First Story Katie Waldegrave. Several of the poems are in translation, from the Gaelic, Irish, Classical Chinese and Jèrriais.

One of the essays is our Fiction Editor’s regular Incidental column. The other is a profile of the Surrealist painter and author Leonora Carrington.

Release date: 1st of February 2014
Format: 108pp, B5, perfect bound
Short fiction
Susmita Bhattacharya
Tara Burton
Ethan Chapman
Crista Ermiya
Soren Gauger
Patrick Griffiths
Toni Halleen
Adam Ley-Lange
Stuart Snelson
Paul Weidknecht
Melanie Whipman

Jeffrey Alfier
Jimmie Cumbie
Philip Cummings
Jake Dennis
Ian Haight/T’ae-yŏng Hŏ
Geraint Jennings
Aonghas MacNeacail
David Mohan

Erin Gilbert
Keir Pratt

Katie Waldegrave