This issue features 12 short stories, 14 poems (two in translation), three interviews (authors Kim Stanley Robinson and Steven Hall, and the co-director of The Institute for the Future of the Book, Chris Meade) and an essay about writers getting confused about just who the hell they are.

This issue marked the transition of the magazine from tabloid newspaper to perfect-bound print.

Release date: 28th of July 2012

Format: 104pp, B5, perfect-bound

Short fiction
Bette Adriaanse
Peter J.B. Bentzen
Eudora Duncan
Robert Karl Harding
Avril Joy
Caroline Misner
Amechi Ngwe
Benjamin Van Loon
Philip Walford
Craig Wallwork
Letty Wilson
André M. Zuker

Christopher Beard
Elijah Burrell
Christine De Luca
Heather Dobbins
Alice Halter (trans. by Andrew Robert Hodgson)
Siobhan Harvey
Aditi Machado
Stacey Magner Barrett
Abby Paige
R. Flowers Rivera
Jessica Young

Keir Pratt

Steven Hall
Chris Meade
Kim Stanley Robinson

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