This issue features 13 short stories, 21 poems, two interviews (writer Stella Duffy and Bodley’s Librarian Sarah Thomas) and an essay promoting caffeine addiction. Or something like that.

Release date: 28th of January 2013
Format: 104pp, B5, perfect-bound
Short fiction
Max Goodwin BrownMa
Stephen Beechinor
Alun Evans
A.A. Garrison
Max Goodwin Brown
Victoria Heath
Blake Kimzey
Michael Martin
Pedro Ponce
Mark Poole
Dan Powell
Annie Seikonia
Jess Sully
Jack Westlake


Phil Callaghan
Jeramy Dodds
Lucy Furlong
Daniel Galbraith
Guðrið Hemsdal/Randi Ward
J.B. Mulligan
Ian Parks
Håkan Sandell
Julie Sten-Knudsen/Line Miller

Keir Pratt

Stella Duffy
Sarah Thomas

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A four-star review from The Review Review

Stephen Beechinor reading his story Realm of the meek (if you loved this in print, just wait until you hear it out loud)

A mini-review at Litrefs