Walking for all those hours and encountering neither the shade of a tree, nor the seed of a tree, nor the roots of anything, we hear barking dogs…

El Llano in flames provides a pithy and moving expression of life in central and western Mexico in the decades following the Revolution. Rulfo’s stories have the quality of an oral testimony to harsh years, delivered in a spare and exquisite voice. They are amongst the best short stories ever written.

Juan Rulfo didn’t write more than three hundred pages, but they are almost as many and, I believe, as durable as those we’re acquainted with from Sophocles. 

— Gabriel García Márquez

A new translation by Stephen Beechinor—coming from Structo Press in 2018—marks the first time El Llano in flames has been made available to English-language readers beyond North America since the book was first published in 1953.