pushcartprize1Another year, another incredible batch of writing. We have nominated stories, poems and essays for the Pushcart Prize for the last couple of years, and the process never gets any easier. It’s a (mostly) democratic process, but all that means is that we agonise over our own choices and then agonise over again once we have a short list. 

Without any more ado, here’s this year’s list, in alphabetical order. Those stories and poems from issue 11 are linked so you can read them, for free, over at Issuu.

‘Our Return to Sierra Vista’ by Jeffrey C. Alfier
‘Comfort Food’ by Susmita Bhattacharya
‘With Us The Wonders’ by Tara Isabella Burton
‘The Lighthouse Keeper to his Daughter’ by Roisín O’Donnell
‘The Taste of Regular’ by Toni Halleen
‘Don’t Ask Me To Sing’ by Shawna Rodenberg

Good luck to them all! 

— Euan