In the final week of our current submission call, we are asking the editors of some of our favourite literary magazines to recommend some of their favourites in turn. Next up: Firewords Quarterly‘s Dan Burgess.

“This was a difficult challenge with so many great literary magazines around to choose from, so I decided to go for an international selection. I’ve picked one publication from each country I’ve called home in the recent past.

Voiceworks — This Australian litmag publishes under 25s, so you really get a taste of Aussie up-and-coming talent. When I lived in Melbourne, I was in this age bracket and tried tirelessly to get published. Alas, it never happened, but I’m still a big fan of this publication which just released its beautiful 100th issue.

Gutter — A Scottish journal that has been around for a few years now but always feels fresh.

Carousel — I’ve just moved across the pond to Toronto and this is one of the Canadian magazines that caught my attention. It describes itself as “Hybrid literature for mutant readers” and features all manner of wonderfully bizarre visuals and surprising writing.”

While Firewords recently closed submissions for their fifth issue, at the time of writing copies of issue four are still available. It’s worth picking up; I subscribe to this magazine for good reason.