Today, December 21st, is the shortest day of the year. It is also National Short Story Day, at least in the UK. I would love to say that is the reason that I am posting this blog right now, but honestly it’s a complete coincidence.

The first bit of news is that our current issue, number 12, is now online to read, for free, over at issuu.

If you really like the issue you can still pick up a hard copy. We will probably have stocks through January or so. If you’re not an ink and dead trees kind of reader, you can alternatively pick up a (DRM-free) digital copy of our most recent issues over at at 0s&1s. 0s&1s are doing some very exciting things, and we’re delighted to be working with them.

The second thing is to announce our very first chapbook, Fitting/Her Feelings About Auckland by Vicki Jarrett.
The idea behind these chapbooks is to take full advantage of the incredibly talented authors we’ve published over the years by producing inexpensive, short collections of their work. This one contains two brand new short stories, is 12 pages long and costs £1.50 (plus the P&P to wherever you happen to be). You can pick up a copy at our online shop. A digital edition will emerge shortly.

One of these chapbooks will appear between each of our issues, and the plan is to alternate between fiction and poetry. The author receives all profits from their sale; we just cover our printing costs. Obviously this isn’t going to make anyone rich, but it might buy some talented writers a notebook or two.

That’s it for now. Happy Christmas all.

— Euan