Issue 14 is now available! In a happy coincidence of symmetry, this latest issue features 14 short stories, 14 poems, and two interviews—with authors David Gaffney and Ursula K. Le Guin. All of this means that our 14th issue is our longest issue yet, by quite a way, sitting as it does at a chunky 138 pages. 

Issue14ChineseTranslationTwo of the short stories featured in its page are the joint winners of the University of Leeds’ Chinese translation competition we helped out with a few months ago. It’s absolutely fascinating to see the differences between these two translations of Dorothy Tse’s vivid writing as they sit side-by-side.

The other short stories in this issue are a varied bunch, and come care of Giles Anderson, Mike Bonnet, Victoria Briggs, Thomas Chadwick, Annie Dawid, Ken Elkes, Pia Ghosh Roy, Richard Lakin, Catherine McNamara, Jonathan Pinnock, Naomi Richards, Anton Rose, David Shieh and Murzban Shroff.

On the poetry side, this issue features the talents of Kim Addonizio, Cristina Baptista, Anna Crowe (four translations from the Catalan of Manuel Forcano), Pablo Otavalo, David Russomano, Stewart Sanderson, Adie Smith and Sarah Stickney (two translations from the Italian of Gëzim Hajdari).

Issue14LeGuinThe issue is rounded out with two in-depth interviews. The first is with David Gaffney, the Manchester-based novelist and master of the (very) short story form, and the second is with the remarkable Ursula K. Le Guin. Both of our interviewees were incredibly generous with their time, and the final, fascinating conversations is a testament to this.

Issue 14 is currently winging its way to subscribers and those who pre-ordered. If you’d like to get your copy as soon as it’s available, you can buy a copy straight from us, or drop by one of our stockists.